6 Countries To Learn Sexually Progressive Cultures

Discover the fascinating world of sexually progressive cultures, where openness and acceptance redefine societal norms.

Uncover the secrets of sexually progressive societies, where boundaries are challenged, and attitudes evolve.

While we may enjoy the wonders of sexting and Tindering until our phones burn out, the sad fact is global, and sex is less common than ever. We’re also enjoying it less.

The Observer conducted a depressing study that revealed our parents had sex much more often than we do and got much more enjoyment from it.

Not only have our sex habits changed, but also our attitudes towards sensuality and intimacy. There are many health benefits to having satisfying sex.

But did you also know that countries with more open minds about sex tend to have lower rates of teenage pregnancies and STDs? They also have more fulfilling sex and a more prosperous emotional life.

6 Countries To Learn Sexually Progressive Cultures

Delve into the rich tapestry of sexually progressive cultures, where a celebration of human sexuality knows no bounds. Start your journey now!

We have taken a close look at Durex’s fascinating global study of the sexual lives of different nations to determine not only which countries are the most sexually satisfied in the world but also what lessons we can take from them.

Six Sexually Progressive Countries

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#1. The Not-So-Neutral Switzerland

It may surprise you that Switzerland consistently ranks as the world’s most sexually satisfied country. According to studies, 21% of Swiss say their sexual life and performance are “excellent”.

Switzerland has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy in the world. Switzerland’s success could be attributed to its liberal and daring approach towards pornography or its progressive stance on legalized prostitution.

We believe the controversial sex-education programs, which start in kindergarten, are responsible for Switzerland’s sexual prowess.

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cultural and social transformation of sexuality

#2. Sizzling Spain

Have you ever wondered who the best male lovers are in the world? According to 15,000 women worldwide, the best male lovers are Spaniards. Do you not believe the hype? You can ask them.

Spain’s sexual performance is rated “excellent” by over a quarter, and 90% of men and women in Spain claim to be sexually satisfied.

The Spanish are a great example to us all, with their nude beaches and openness towards sensuality and passion.

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Rethinking Sexuality in the Progressive Era

#3. La Bella Vita in Itlay

Italy is the land of pizza, red wine, pasta and overflowing pasta! The Italian appetite and their sexual appetite are closely linked. According to a Men’s Health survey, young Italians begin their sexual education at the dinner table.

In Italy, sex is as important as good food and wine. Italian women who drink two glasses of red wine daily report greater sexual satisfaction.

Next time you feel bad about eating the best Italian carbs or drinking a bottle after work, Shiraz, remember that you are doing it to improve your sexual health!

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Most Sexually Liberated Culture In The World

#4. Greeks Gratifying

It’s not a mystery that the Greeks have the highest weekly sex rate in the world. Their communication skills are the reason for this. Since the ancient Greek empires, Greeks have been talking about sex.

The Greeks have always been open-minded regarding their sexual needs and desires. They often talk about sex with their friends or partners, at work, and with colleagues.

We are too afraid to express our sexual desires or get down to the nitty-gritty. But, as in relationships, good communication is key.

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Sex And Dating Differs In Countries

#5. Naughty Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as one of the most pro-sex countries worldwide. This is due to the red-light district, nude beaches and open policies on sex education.

It is impressive that 64% of Dutch women and men claim to be confident in asserting their desires and needs during sex. This is a claim, not many people can make.

You need more proof that the key to a successful conversation is to have it. Holland also has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, abortion and HIV in the world.

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sexuality in mass media culture

#6. Magical México

Mexico, crowned the “horniest” country in the world, ranks second on the list of sexually satisfied nations. 63% of Mexicans claim to have a fulfilling sex life.

Mexico, along with the libido-stimulants Mariachi and tequila, has one of the most open and comprehensive policies on sex education.

Mexico City distributed 700,000 sex education textbooks in 2008 to guide students on everything from sexuality to birth control. Mexico is the country that feels the most respect during sex compared to anyone else.

What do these places all have in common besides good sex? The key is to be open-minded and have a liberal approach towards intimacy and pleasure. Why not try similar methods to spice up your love life?

Don’t limit yourself to the old ways of exploring your sexuality. From sensual massages to couples therapies, there are thousands of options. Open yourself up to the pleasures of other countries that are more sexually aware.

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