How To Keep Long Distance Relationship Stronger

How To Keep Long Distance Relationship Stronger Forever. You have often heard people criticizing long distance relationships; I have also experience the criticism myself.

My friends and parents always advise me, it is not going to work out, don’t take it seriously you are just wasting your time, blah blah….

But I believe it is not going to work until I want it to be. From my experience, I learn when there is love between two of us, it doesn’t matter how much far we are from each other.

How To Keep Long Distance Relationship Stronger

In long distance relationship we can’t get to spend much time with each other and do other little things. But these small wishes are there which makes it sweet.

I admit it is tough but that is the fun part about it. So here are some tips to keep your love strong and forever.

Avoid Unreasonable Communication To Keep Long Distance Relationship

You don’t have to talk whole day with each other. Don’t try to be sticky and compensate distance with doing more talking.

It makes things worse and complicated on both sides. It affects you as well as the peoples around you.

This things also arise in mine relationship, after that we only talk when we are comfortable. It doesn’t matter we talk less; love is not expressed by just talking much.

Visit Each Other To Keep Long Distance Relationship

Pay visit to each other, this way you get to meet each other and spend time with each other, do little things like kissing, holding hands, eating together which make you two happy.

Surprise visits really make it exciting, trust me once I paid a surprise visit to my girlfriend and that day is one of the best days of my life.

Talk Dirty with Each Other

Sex is not only a physical need, but an emotional one too. Sexual tension is an important aspect of a relationship. So tease each other with dirty texts and sexy puns.

Keep the flames burning with talking dirty to each other, but not too dirty, because there is a limit to everything!

Set A Goal in Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is not going to work forever. You have to make a mind, what you want to achieve in the relationship.

How long you want to live apart, or do you want to take it to the next level. Talk with each other and work together a goal which includes both of you.

Be honest with each other

Share your interest, liking, fears, habits etc. with each other, doesn’t have secrets between you two. Don’t try to tackle problems of your own.

Take advice of your partner and try to sort out things together. Be truthful about your bad habits.

In my case I get a no response treatment for over 2 weeks, when she came to know I smoke and never told her.

Respect each other’s privacy and enjoy alone time

Everyone has their own Interests and liking, so let each other have some private time. Your partner is not your whole world, so enjoy spending some time with your family and friends.

This will let you both enjoy your private time and personal life.

Do Things together

In long distance relationships couples don’t get to spend ample time with each other. So do little things together like online shopping, play online games, buy each other gifts or other comfortable things which you both like.

Share your interests and recommend things to each other. This will lead both of you understand each other and spend some quality time with each other.

Communicate Regularly

Greet each other daily try to be creative, make your partner feel special and attended. Video call each other whenever possible.

Update each other about your personal life and other things. Send gifts, audios, images or funny videos time to time to each other.

Give pet names to each other

Pet names really are lovely way to address each other. It’s so cute. Give cute and adorable names to each other, but first ask your partner if he/she really like it or not.

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