Honeymoon Packing List: 7 Things To Pack For a Romantic Getaway

The excitement of a honeymoon for the first time is indescribable. So, Remember to add these 7 things to your Honeymoon Packing List for unforgettable memories with your partner.

Preparing for your wedding might devour the most significant chunk of your time. It’s stressful and tiresome.

Even the wedding day itself can be stressful. The only consolation you can get is the honeymoon, where you can finally relax and enjoy yourself with your partner.

But before you slip on the idea of a blissful honeymoon, there are a few things you need to remember to have a hassle-free honeymoon getaway, such as packing the right clothing items.

Honeymoon Packing List

Packaging all the right clothing essentials would be best before going on a tropical or exotic getaway. Need help determining where to begin when packing for your honeymoon?

7 Things To Pack For a Romantic Getaway

Below are some ideas you can pack for your tropical honeymoon easily and quickly and finish with all-around vacation attire.


#1. Beachwear

Pack at least two pairs of bathing suits. You might not be keen on wearing beach wear, but you will thank yourself later, especially if unplanned trips take place during your honeymoon.

On the other hand, if you love wearing bikinis, consider bringing at least two pairs of different styles to mix and match with different outfits.

Nearly all newlywed brides prefer packing a one-piece suit and a two-piece, opting for the two-piece during the daytime and the one-piece suit for the latter part of the day.

Additionally, you should have an excellent beach cover-up to not waste the clothing for the brief trek on the beach.

Furthermore, remember to wear a hat and sunglasses when under the sun, and make sure to have lip balm and sunblock with you.

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#2. Bring the Right Footwear

A pair of sandals are the perfect footwear you can bring with you. These sandals are convenient and satisfying to dance and walk in but stylish and elegant enough to use at night.

Bring shoes, sandals, or wedges to match different outfits. Footwear can quickly transform your overall look without changing outfits.

Moreover, pack something comfortable and lightweight, as heavy ones are difficult to pack. Finally, make sure that you pack a pair of durable and solid waterproof sandals for tide pooling, reef walking, or walking in rocky waters or on the beach. Plus, they can be an excellent choice for a laid-back daytime sandal.

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#3. Sleepwear and Lingerie

Sleepwear and LingerieSleepwear and lingerie usually consume less space in your luggage. Aside from your favorite item, you may need something different and remarkable for some nights.

Pack unique lingerie essentials for the tropical honeymoon, such as a strapless bra you can pair with a sleeveless strap top.

Keep things hot and sensual but still practical when you wear your lingerie during your honeymoon.

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#4. Warm Cover

It is absurd to think you need more than a lightweight sweater for cold evenings. In most tropical destinations, the nights can be more relaxed.

Although one option to stay warm is the body heat from your spouse, bringing a blazer or sweater is a great move. Another option is to bring a poncho. It is a bubbly clothing piece you can wear on the beach.

A poncho comes in a vast collection of styles, from the chunky cable-knit turtleneck poncho, the wrap poncho, the belted poncho, and the cowl neck poncho.

Keep your look clean and straightforward without wearing too many accessories to pull off a warm and sexy look.

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#5. Shirts

Bring a few cotton shirts because a tropical place might get too warm for a typical day. For this reason, you may need to change your shirt at least once a day.

Opt for a spandex or cotton shirt because they are easy to wash, and you can wear them again later. Consider bringing a relaxed and oversized linen or cotton shirt after a warm day at the shore.

Cotton or a plain linen shirt can be chic and classy at night. Go for some staple tops which you can combine with the other items. Light-colored tops are perfect for keeping you cool amid the heat and boosting your sun-kissed glow.

Additionally, bring a button-down shirt that you can use as a beach cover-up to add some protection from the evening chill.

#6. Skirts and Dresses

Skirts are great wardrobe essentials that render a feminine and flirtatious look. Consider a short skirt for an entertaining night rather than wearing maxi skirts that are billowy and bright.

Make sure to pack a light, loose, sleeveless dress that is vibrant and summery. Opt for versatile items to dress them up or down, depending on your preference.

Go for a dress with a playful hemline that hangs just in line with the knee to create a romantic and girly vibe. Choose a dress that will make you look and feel sexy and irresistible while the both of you relish a candle-lit dinner.

#7. Pants

Even though you mostly wear pants on your regular days, you may find that you seldom wear them on a beach vacation. Thus, plan to pack at least two pairs of pants on your honeymoon.

Linen or cotton pants in neutral colors and stretchable fabrics are great for your honeymoon getaway. Make sure you choose comfortable pants that enable you to dress down easily.

If you want to participate in activities requiring you to bring jeans, consider carrying at least two pairs. But if this is not the case, you can leave them behind.


After months of planning, you and your husband can live together with a honeymoon getaway in a tropical place. Intelligent and efficient packing guarantees you are ready to enjoy and have a great time.

The essential things you will need for your tropical honeymoon getaway are beach wear, the right pair of shoes, sleepwear and lingerie, warm cover, shirts, skirts and dresses, and pants.

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