Why is He Ignoring me? 7 Reasons You Should Know

Has your man suddenly stopped responding to texts? Is it getting longer between texts? These are seven reasons he might be ignoring you. It’s hard to be ignored.

It can be exceedingly hurtful to be ignored by someone you are dating. It can even cause a physical reaction. If you ignore it, you can experience tightness in the chest, stomach cramps, and difficulty sleeping.

It can damage our self-esteem and place us in an uncomfortable grey zone of constant uncertainty. This kind of uncertainty is not typical for humans and can trigger panic reactions similar to those we would experience if there was a threat.

Why is He Ignoring me

7 Reasons Why is He Ignoring you?

Why would you let someone you are dating ignore you? There could be many reasons he is giving you the cold shoulder. You might wonder, “Why is he not paying attention to me?” Here are some possible factors:

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#1. He is playing

If he ignores you in the beginning stages of your relationship, it could be a sign that he is trying to win you over. It all comes down to power.

He wants you to feel that panicky, uncertain response to be more open to his replies. You will feel a sense of relief when he replies.

This could impact your decision-making process and make you feel more invested and involved in the relationship. This is not acceptable behavior at any stage in a relationship.

You can trust that someone who loves you won’t play games with you. Why would someone who loves you want to make you anxious and uneasy?

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#2. He Punishes You

Intentionally ignoring you to punish you is a sign that he wants to cause you uncertainty and pain. It could be that he is motivated by revenge. He feels you have ignored him, so he’s trying to do the same. He might not listen to you if you are in the middle of an argument.

This is especially true if he doesn’t like conflict or believes the war of words has got him nowhere. However, it is frustrating to be ignored when you are angry, and it can lead to a breakdown in communication that will not solve the problem.

Communication is vital to building solid relationships. You should question whether your partner is mature enough to be in a long-term relationship with you if they refuse to communicate with you and are unwilling to solve your problems.

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#3. He’s Busy

Although it may sound like an excuse to him, he may just be busy. Take into account the context. Do you text in the middle of your busy workday?

Are you aware that he is going to the gym right after work, so he won’t be available to answer your calls? You should only be able to reach people at some times. If you are constantly on the phone, it is almost impossible to focus on your task.

Set expectations early to avoid tension. You can agree for your partner to not leave messages unanswered for 24 hours if he works long hours.

This will allow you to better judge if he deliberately ignores you or if life has gotten in the way.

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#4. He Needs Some Space

Even the closest couples sometimes need some distance. He may not be comfortable with constant contact, or he might have a stressful day and would rather deal with you than make it worse.

It all depends on who is involved. This will vary depending on their life circumstances. Consider the type of man you are dating. Is he an introvert who needs much time to recharge his batteries?

Are they an introvert who needs lots of alone time to recharge? Or are they an extrovert who likes to be with others all the time?

Once you have established these, it will be easier to judge if they are ignoring you or simply taking up space.

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#5. He’s Not Alone

Although mobile phone etiquette rules vary from person to person and may differ depending on the person you are dating, it is possible that he will not be able to respond if he is with his family or friends.

It’s admirable that he refuses to use his mobile phone within the company. You can expect him to give you his full attention whenever he is with you.

If he keeps calling and responding to texts while you are together but refusing to answer his friends, you may have other motives.

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#6. He Wants To Break Up With You

Although we would never recommend breaking up with someone face to face, the truth is that some people prefer to end a relationship rather than dissolve it.

If you sense him pulling away from you and making excuses for not seeing you, he may be using ignoring your feelings as a way to end the relationship.

He hopes you will eventually grow tired of being ignored and end the relationship. You can either stop trying, and the relationship will end without confrontation.

This is one of the most challenging ways to end a relationship, but you can still take comfort in knowing that you are free to search for someone who will never ignore you.

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#7. He’s Not That Into You

The truth is that a man will tell you if he likes you. This can be hard to accept. It is easy to believe someone is too busy or ‘bad’ at messaging, so we are ignored.

Do you want to be with someone contacting you at the bottom of the list? There are bad days. But in the beginning stages of a relationship, there is no reason to ignore you.

If he does, he may be playing games with you and not ready to have a lasting relationship.

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