6 Things To Know About Long Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationship to me sounds like someone just said they want to set out on Mission Impossible. But if we see the positive side, Nathan completed the Missions.

So now the point of focus comes to why there is a huge failure rate when it comes to long-distance relationships and what can be done to fix this.

Know About Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

#1. Mentality and Mindset

I know people who have lasted a long tenure of waiting. What makes their relationships last while the others don’t. If Long Distance Relationships didn’t work, none should have, but if some do, what is it that they do differently.

I asked one of my friends who got married after 13 years of Long Distance relationships, and he casually replied I wouldn’t find a girl like her. It’s just that simple. We need to know where our focus is and keep that in mind. That’s all.

#2. Persistence and Perseverance

Long-Distance Relationship requires hard work, just like any other relationship. They require more because both are far from each other. Let’s try something different now.

What if both plan vacations together, go somewhere far, somewhere romantic or visit each other and see each other’s city. It just takes a person to be more persistent to make it work, like my friend who takes every opportunity to visit his girl, now wife.

He leaves every weekend to visit her, but he can do that because it would take him about half a day to reach there, and he could be back by the weekday for work.

It doesn’t need to be the ideal case, but you can work something out; all you need to remember is that you want to do it.

#3. Extra Effort

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So as hardships increase, so must the efforts. It’s not necessary that you need to keep in touch every day or call each other ten times a day or text each other to show that you’re making efforts.

Neither does it mean expensive dates and lavish vacations. It just means to take that extra effort to ensure that you understand each other, whether talking once a day or once a week. You must be available for your partner and keep them at the top of your priority list.

#4. Clear Conscience

Do not cheat. It’s just as simple as that. Do not cheat on your partner. Do not lie or hide things from them.

If they understand you, they will also understand that you’re far and alone, that you need friends, and that you tend to spend more time with them as they’re near and demand your presence more often.

Relationships areΒ all about trust and honesty. If you’re true and your conscience is clear, you’re bound to be happier in your relationship, and distance will be only just a number.

#5. Positivity

We need to be cent per cent positive during our long distances. It’s not going to last forever, and when it ends, there shall be a happily ever after. But, of course, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so bad thoughts do occur.

He didn’t pick up your call. She didn’t reply to your message. It’s natural; we are human, after all. But consistent checks and doubts can cause some real trouble.

They can create differences and completely spoil the relationship, ruining all the good memories and moments.

#6. Enjoy every moment

Enjoy every moment as it comes because this is the testing time. This is when either you shall leave bitter words and memories, or you shall create the happiest love story. It doesn’t need to be a Disney fairytale; you need to believe it is special.

So, celebrate the moments you spent together and away, as these will make the best chapters of your story, or should I say, Love Story.

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