How To Get Started Long Distance Relationship: Advice

For most of us having a long distance relationship is strongly difficult. Starting a long distance relationship is seemingly not difficult. Anyone can go ahead if they are quite matured.  For me it is quite simple and on request I’m sharing you few important things that need to be followed when you are starting a long distance relationship. It is no Greek and Latin. They are simple things that your lover needs. Few important things are penned down, just have a look.

How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Create and have your own space
Well, I am a person who is very conscious about my partner.  I am possessive and I make sure that it leads to no problems.  Too much of longing and possessiveness will lead to fights.  Yes, you are everything for your love but they need some space too. Allow them their space, it will make them happy and later they will give you the same space too.  This is something fundamental that you need to know when starting a long distance relationship. Texting your loved one is fine for one extent, but speak with them through calls, it can be either audio or video.  Meet them personally quite often.  Physical interactions are vital.

Trust beats everything
The first thing that you need to do before starting a relationship is to trust him or her. The way you speak should gain trust as well as you should trust them.  It should not be whole trust but blind trust.  But again when you trust a person, be sure he or she is worth for it.  Use your mind to decide on this and trust from heart. All you have to do is surrender if you are a girl and a man should take hold the girl if she is having blind trust. This is it. Before all that, technology and Internet has spoiled the teenagers to a great extent.  Never trust a person without even seeing them face to face. These are few of my personal tips that I have gathered from my own experience as well as i have seen my friends suffering from problems due to lack of trust.

Sometimes failure us a stepping stone
My close friend had a very long relationship before and due to many reasons it got broke. After 2 solid years she decided to get into a relationship.  Starting a long distance relationship after a break up sometimes a risk, but that broken heart will have clarity.  Now I don’t say you need to break up if you need a long-term relationship.  I say that it has a lot of clarity than the first one. We don’t commit the same mistakes as we did on the first one. We shall be very clear on what we do and that is the only reason why i say failure is a stepping stone.  I have a proven couple where both of them had broken with their first love. Thus, I conclude that a break up is not a barrier for starting a fresh one.

Believe on myths and facts
Psychology says that a person reveals his own character only after six months of close relationship.  So, wait for six months to start a trusted relationship.  Staying quiet for another 1 day will not be a hard thing to do.  Stay quiet if your partner is not interested in talking or something is not fine with them. Finish off any debate at the end of the day. Procrastination leads to tears. Surrender and adjust, because they are after all your love.

Finally, show them utmost care and affection.  It will heal everything and never split words which are hurting.  It can never be taken back.

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