Top 5 Lesbian Dating Tips for Women For Strong Lesbian Relationship

Over the years, I’ve worked with women for many years and am constantly inspired by amazing people.

Like me, I have met women with excellent attributes but choose not to pay attention.

It was a privilege and an honor to witness women in action at dating events, mock dates, and during our workshops and coaching sessions. Below are my top 5 tips to make you the ultimate catch… but still be YOU.

Top 5 Lesbian Dating Tips for Women

Lesbian Dating Tips for Women
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#1. Hear her!

This one is over for you. You may already be proficient in listening. Let me tell you, although many women claim they listen, I have found that they do not. This is how to listen well.

You will be a great listener no matter where you are or how noisy the environment is. Imagine her as the only one in the room focused on what she is saying and not too intense. Ask her questions about the things she’s saying.

This shows that you are interested in what she says and have listened. Stop analyzing and planning for the following conversation. Don’t look at your phone.

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#2. Do not boast

When dating, we emphasize the importance of exuding confidence and vitality. You can be confident and humble at the same time. Here are some ways you can do both. Be proud of who and what you are on a date.

Talk about your life and experience with your date, but don’t be afraid to show your admiration. Let her discover for herself and continue to learn.

Being humble means being kind to her. Remember to compliment her on a date, not when you interview for a job.

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#3. Dress to impress

All types of women are welcome to work with us, including those who need to learn more about liquid eyeliner or have ten brands available in five colors.

Even if you prefer to wear less daily, you must put in the effort when dating. It is essential to be yourself. You must be at work, on important family occasions, or for a wedding.

It’s common knowledge that people in a relationship tend to make less effort at home when they get involved. That’s okay!

It is unacceptable to show up on a date dressed as if you have been married for five years. Women who put in the effort to look their best are more successful.

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#4. Be present

When dating, you must be present and not overthink things. Women tend to over-analyze.

You are with her only if you are doing research. Your mind is more interested in imagining than being present. Have fun, be relaxed and have fun. These women are the most beautiful in the room.

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#5. Take your time

It is easy to tell when a woman seems desperate or if she is acting in a way that isn’t. She is anxious, lacks eye contact, and refuses to let things happen.

Many women worry about finding the right woman to settle down with. That is why they panic. There are many ways this can lead to panicking, such as endlessly dating to avoid “wasting” time with the wrong woman.

Take your time. It is essential to feel a spark, a connection, but it’s equally important to enjoy the company and to see what happens. It’s impossible to control everything.

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