How to Keep Wedding Costs Down To Stay On Budget!

The wedding industry in Pakistan collects up to billions of rupees within just one year. So it is safe to say that it is one of the most expensive industries in the country and has some of the most detailed ceremonies celebrated anywhere on the planet.

Getting married is not only fun for the bride and groom, but it is a lavish affair for all those in attendance. So we might dare to say that those attending might enjoy the event a tad bit more than the marrying parties themselves.

The ambiance, the music, the dancing, the food, and the clothes all conjure up to an excellent evening worth coming for.

The detailed bride and groom attires, the smiling faces, and the beauty of two people coming together in hopes of building a prosperous future together send out wonderful vibes throughout the occasion.

However, getting married in Pakistan is costly. Every year the weddings are crossing new thresholds in fanciness, and there is an intangible competition between the families on who does it better.

Typically the cost of an average Pakistani wedding will consist of things like out-of-the-world fancy décor, an excessive number of guests who might not be directly related to the bride or groom, a vast menu of food, and an expensive photographer who does runway shoots.

 7 Ways To Keep  Wedding Costs Down

Everyone is just rushing to make sure that their wedding is so extraordinary that people will be talking for days, and even the 400th picture will look like a scene from a romantic movie.

They even resort to hiring event managers, bold avenues (like opting for destination weddings), performers, and many other accessories that a wedding could do without.

All these trimmings can easily stack up to a million rupees or dollars. People usually spend from their savings that they have worked so hard for years to collect.

Extravagant weddings also result in a lot of money wasted who could have used that for something better in the future.

It is time that we stop falling victims to the glamorous pictures we see on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Rather than holding separate events for mehendi, baraat, and Halima, why not combine all of them and throw a lovely ceremony? The goal is to not make your day memorable by spending excessive money but to invite the right people and use the right planning.

This is supposed to be a memorable day for most of us, and to make it a financial burden will have an adverse effect. Therefore, every young man and woman should instead work to make this a rather happy and unforgettable event for everyone involved.

There have been several instances of people holding quaint weddings, with just a handful of close friends and family in attendance. Nevertheless, people have managed to hold weddings for just under 20,000 rupees and check off all the wedding “essentials.”

#1. Set a budget

Before you decide to go for a budget wedding, speak to your partner first. Ask them whether they are okay with a Shalimar (baarat and walima on the same day) or seemed (mehendi and baraat on the same day).

If you get the green light from them, then you can decide accordingly. First, see how much savings you both have, or if your family is spending, then see how much they can contribute.

Have a look at how much you earn per month, how much you spend on expenses, and how much you can set aside for the wedding.

It would be better to make a new account for the wedding budget to add your investments. It would help you keep the rest of your life separate from planning a wedding.

#2. Get It organized

Find a planner who can write down every little detail you want to be included in the wedding. Even if it is extravagant, make sure to write it down.

Then you both can get together and look through the list and figure out what is unnecessary and what is not. If you are adding something that is not needed, then your partner will let you know.

Working together will help narrow down the details to make sure that your wedding remains on the budget. You do not need to cut some major things like food or décor, but make sure that you are not letting go of too much.

#3. The list of Guest

This is one of the difficult parts. There are so many people just on edge to celebrate your big day with you, but you know that you will have to disappoint them.

But it would be best if you remembered the more people that you invite, the higher the cost would go. This is in terms of seating, food, décor, space of the floor, and cutlery. You might be thinking that it is so important to call your maami’s brother’s family, but not really.

Even if they are not your direct relative, Even and so, you are under no obligation to do so. Feel free to weed out all those who are not directly related to you, guilt-free.

#4. Affordable venue

You do need to have a destination wedding, but if you do, make sure that you call the closest family members. It can be tough to choose an affordable venue, but there are ways to go about it.

If you call a small number of people, you can safely opt for a park, an empty plot, or a wedding hall. You do not need to go for a grand marquee and waste your money. Better yet, you can even do it in your home if it is big enough to house a couple of people.

Many wonderful wedding venues are affordable, except that they would hold a limited number of people. To create your guest list wisely.

#5. Simple food and décor

Rather than the quality of the food, several people like to focus on its quantity. Many Pakistani weddings have 7 to 8 dishes on the menu. They come in endless supply and are duplicated to different sections of the hall.

You don’t need to have a glamorous setting for your wedding to look beautiful. The right choice of flowers and cloth would be enough to make your wedding look like a knockout.

#6. The photographer

Remember when Selena Gomez shot a music video with just an iPhone? Even if no one around you has an iPhone, you can still hire a freelancer to do the job for half the price that the more professional photographers will charge you.

You do not need to opt for professional photographers who will make you pose in a hundred different ways for a good photo. Instead, you can hire someone who has good photography skills and take a couple of pictures with your friends and family members.

They need a good quality camera, and rather than going for a photo shoot, ask them to take more candid pictures of you with your loved ones.

#7. Wedding dresses

The highlight of any wedding is what the bride is wearing, even more than what the groom has.

However, rather than opting for designer clothes with astronomical price ranges, why not go for a more humble price setting, and opt for dresses from the local bazaar.

When it comes to your clothes, you should wear what fits right rather than what name is backing up the material and design.

The same is the case with the clothes your family members will be wearing. There are enough shops that sell beautiful handmade party clothes at reasonable prices.

Marriage bureau that are done right are the most memorable affairs, rather than those with the most expensive items.

Even if a dozen people are talking about it, they are not the ones taking up half the financial responsibility of planning it. So make sure that you do not go under any monetary stress during and after the wedding.

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