Top 5 Stages of a Love Relationship!

Just like life, a love relationship has its own set of stages. These stages are like tests for the couples that checks their compatibility with each other.

So, if you want to know how compatible you are with your partner, you need to study the relationship stages given in this article. Go through each stage and find out what you are your lover are lacking.

This will not give you a better understanding of your relationship, but will also help you improve your love life. Read on to know those five relationship stages:

Five Love Relationship Stages

#1. The Love- Romance Stage

This stage is created by nature, in which we fall in love with someone and crave to spend our whole life with him/her. Being in love changes our life in the blink of an eye.

When we start loving someone, we begin seeing this world through a beautiful rose-colored glass. That is, we only see what makes us feel good and ignore what makes us feel bad.

Moreover, during this stage, we get physically attracted to our partner and long for their touch and presence. This is the stage when love birds love, hug, kiss each other and do all those activities that can keep them closer.

Also, during this stage, couples pamper each other through gifts, cards, Love SMS, and more. (For love messages, see our Love SMS section)

#2. The Power Struggle Stage

As people become more familiar with their partner, they tend to know about their negative traits. During this stage, there comes a huge disappointment when love birds realize they are not similar in several ways.

Many people act in this stage through arguments and fights, while others employ other form of competition like moodiness and withdrawal. In other words, Power struggle is the stage in which you start focusing on your differences instead of similarities with your lover.

Well, there are 2 ways to overcome this Power Struggle Stage

  • Breakup
  • Sacrifice & Compromise

Couples also opt for professional guidance which helps them look beyond this power struggle stage.

#3. The Stability Stage

Once you overcome stage 2, you enter the stability stage. During this stage, your love for your partner returns.

Moreover, your feelings become more mature. In the stability stage, you will accept the fact that you cannot change anyone no matter what, and you are perfectly OK with it.

#4. The Commitment Stage

In this stage, you get fully aware of the reality that no one is perfect and your relationship as well. And you decide to stay beside your lover through good and the bad. At this stage, you start to experience a wonderful balance of love, fun, belonging, freedom and power.

#5. The Bliss or Co-creation Stage

In this stage, you and your partner become one. That is, both of you choose to work like a team whose aim is to achieve a common goal.

Please note that these stages are not a step- by -step process. In fact, they are more like spiral that keep circling upwards.

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